Addition WPF Activities 2011 - 2013

29 Oct 2013as part of the 20th Anniversary of Equal! Prof. Janet Hering, (Director of EAWAG),  Prof. em. Silvia Dorn and Prof. Kristina Shea (D-MAVT)* hj0osa4tee0d s'a d9lur*ncv,hth8imw+e i0mel6etf1ins3g t1anj)d z3inw#trm#odp'ucf4ede7 tc#heh+ Ez&THt) Wt'omd9env6 Pr0rom#few-sst3orm(s t$Fol8ruv1m u7@ q%Exh1hig$bix#tig#onz% Lv2ous*ngs0e.t

1 Oct  2013,  Presentation of Prof. Ursula Keller and Prof. Janet Hering at the Conference of the Heads of Departments of ETH Zurich.

28 May 2013, Meeting of the ETH WPF Executive Board with the Executive Board ETH Zurich.
The ETH WPF Executive Board made a presentation to the ETH Executive Board ("ETH Schulleitung") and submitted the recommendations document created from the April Retreat.

6 November 2012, Equal Office/ETH WPF Apéro following presentation from Professor Martina Schraudner, TU Berlin, Visiting  Professor for Gender issues,  ETH Zurich, "More Women in Leadership - do firms perform better?"

17 November 2011, ETH WPF professors lunch with Prof Londa Schiebinger, Stanford University, Visiting Professor in Gender issues, ETH Zurich


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