Forthcoming Events

13.05.2019 - 15.05.2019, Lincoln, NE, USA
02.06.2019 - 06.06.2019, Centro Congressi Abruzzo Berti Hotels", Silvi Marina (TE), Italy
17.06.2019 - 21.06.2019, Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) at DESY , Hamburg, Germany

Femtosecond Electron Imaging and Spectroscopy 4 (FEIS 4)

Date Mo, 13.05.2019 - Mi, 15.05.2019
Location Lincoln, NE, USA
Program The Femtosecond Electron Imaging and Spectroscopy IV (FEIS IV) conference is the fourth in a series, started in 2013 and held every two years with an emphasis on ultrafast electron sources and applications. The conference is intrinsically interdisciplinary as it brings together ultrafast science and instrument development. This conference series has been very valuable for sharing scientific and technological advances, understanding what future technological needs will be and planning how to address them.

The major themes of the meeting are:

· Ultrafast dynamics in condensed matter systems
· Ultrafast dynamics in isolated molecules
· Development and characterization of ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy instruments
· Novel ultrafast electron sources and applications
· Complementary ultrafast probing methods: X-ray diffraction, ionization and rescattering based measurements, photoelectron spectroscopy.

Martin Centurion, on behalf of the Scientific Committee.

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Scientific Committee
Herman Batelaan, University of Nebraska
Martin Centurion, University of Nebraska
Jom Luiten, Eindhoven University of Technology
Chong-Yu Ruan, Michigan State University
Xijie Wang, SLAC National Lab
Dao Xiang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Yimei Zhu, Brookaven National Lab
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