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5th International Conference on Ultrafast Structural Dynamics (ICUSD 2019)

Date Di, 25.06.2019 - Fr, 28.06.2019
Location Daejeon, South Korea
Program We invite you to register and submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations.
Abstract submission closes on March 31.

ICUSD 2019 will bring together researchers in the fields of molecular structural dynamics, femtoscience, and ultrafast phenomena and provide them with opportunities to share ideas and discuss the latest developments of theory and experiment aimed at probing and understanding real-time structural dynamics in physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science. Researchers in related fields are also welcome. Ultrafast structural dynamics span a variety of research communities, who aim at visualizing the dynamics of atomic/molecular assemblies with the atomic-scale resolutions of space (sub-Å) and time (femtosecond) using a variety of experimental techniques such as:

-Ultrafast electron/EUV/X-ray diffraction, scattering, and spectroscopy
-Time-resolved X-ray/electron microscopy for dynamic imaging of matter
-Ultrafast multidimensional vibrational/electronic spectroscopies
-X-ray/electron serial crystallography
-Ultrafast Raman/IR/optical spectroscopies

While these communities use their own technologies and methodologies, they share a common scientific goal of understanding the ultrafast dynamics of molecular systems or assemblies at the atomic scale. This conference will serve to build bridges among these communities and to foster the exchange of information and expertise. The sessions we are planning to organize are as follows.

-Coherent dynamics in liquid phase & related topics
-Formation & dissociation of chemical bonds in metal complexes
-Ultrafast structural response of photoactive proteins
-Membrane proteins in action
-Conical intersection dynamics & related non-adiabatic phenomena
-Nonequilibrium dynamics simulation
-Spin crossover and strongly correlated systems
-Phonon and lattice-directed dynamics
-Structural dynamics in nanomaterials

The confirmed invited speakers are as follows.
Adachi, Shin-ichi (KeK, Japan), Cammarata, Marco (University of Rennes, France),
Cao, Jianming (Florida State University, USA),
Centurion, Martin (UNL, USA),
Chen, Lin X. (Northwestern University, USA),
Gaffney, Kelly J. (Caltech, USA),
Haldrup, Kristoffer (DTU, Denmark),
Huse, Nils (Universität Hamburg, Germany),
Kim, Dongho (Yonsei University, Korea)
Lindenberg, Aaron (Stanford University, USA),
Marangos, Jon (Imperial College London, UK)
Miller, Dwayne (MPI, Germany),
Mizutani, Yasuhisa (Osaka University, Japan),
Nelson, Keith (MIT, USA),
Santra, Robin (CFEL-DESY, Germany),
Schlichting, Ilme (MPI, Germany),
Schmidt, Marius (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA),
Schuurman, Michael (University of Ottawa, Canada),
Standfuss, Jörg (PSI, Switzerland),
Tahara, Tahei (RIKEN, Japan),
Thor, Jasper von (Imperial College London, UK),
Tominaga, Keisuke (Kobe University, Japan),
Vanko, Gyorgy (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary),
Wang, Xijie (SLAC, USA),
Weber, Peter M. (Brown University, USA),
Wernet, Philippe (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany),
Wulff, Michael (ESRF, France), Zhong, Dongping (Ohio State University, USA),
Zhu, Xiaoyang (Columbia University, USA)

This conference is the 5th ICUSD following previous successful ones held at Trieste in 2017 (organized by Claudio Masciovecchio), at ETH-Zurich in 2015 (organized by Steve Johnson and Peter Hamm), at Laser Optics Berlin in 2012 (organized by Thomas Elsaesser) and at EPF-Lausanne in 2010 (organized by Majed Chergui).

The registration fee is quite low ($200 for student and $400 for regular). We are trying to financially support students and postdoctoral fellows presenting posters or oral talks.
The registration fee covers:
Welcoming reception on June 25
Light dinner during the poster session on June 26
Coffee breaks
Conference dinner on June 27
Lunches during the conference
Buses between the designated hotels and the conference site (morning and evening)
Excursion on June 28
Buses to the airport on June 28
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