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26.10.2020 - 28.10.2020, Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI), Villigen,Switzerland

ETH Physics Teachers Day 2015

A Physics Teachers Day, 13 November 2015, ETH Zürich focused on the science of NCCR MUST

Twenty-nine teachers from the German speaking part of Switzerland attended the event where they heard presentations from: NCCR MUST Directors:

Prof. Ursula Keller, Der Genauesten Uhr der Welt
Prof. Thomas Feurer, Über "lange" und "kurze" Photonen

MUST Outreach tools were introduced by: Aline Mayer (PhD Keller group), Martin Huppert (PhD Wörner group) and Laura Cattaneo (postdoc, Keller Group), alongside an outreach tool from Prof Jürg Leuthold’s group.
The ETH Zürich Physics Education centre presented research findings on contrasting methods of physics teaching – from traditional lecture presentations, through frequent testing to formative assessment methodologies. The Young Swiss Physics Network introduced their organization.
The day finished with Laboratory tours to the Keller Labs (3) and the Vaterlaus lab followed by an Apéro involving lively discussions.

The presentations are available for download. Program

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