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MUST/RESOLV Gender and Science Meeting, September 2017, ETH Zürich

More than 80 scientists and those interested in Gender and Science joined a meeting organized by NCCR MUST and Excellence Cluster RESOLV.

Speakers from Switzerland and Europe made presentations on key issues and current initiatives to counter gender imbalance in science addressing questions such as: What does the research show about the opportunities for women and men to achieve a successful scientific career? What are the experiences in the UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Europe? Are their barriers to career development? How do men and women combine family life and scientific research? What does gender have to do with physics?

News reports of the Meeting:
D-Phys, ETH Zürich, News, Equal Opportunity at Work, Andreas Trabesinger (28.9.2017)
RESOLV Blog, Empowering Women and Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Nina Winter (18.10.2017)
Photo Gallery for the Meeting: photographer, Heidi Hostettler/DPHYS, ETH Zürich
Speaker Biographies
Abstract Booklet
Interview with Ursula Keller Creation of the ETH Women Professors Forum - Leadership in Universities / Führen in Hochschulen, Springer Verlag, 2017

Program and Speakers 13th - 14th September 2017 (presentations can be uploaded below)
Day 1: 13 September 2017, 13.15 - 19.00pm
Prof. Angelika Kalt, Director of Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSFpresentation
Prof. Ursula Keller, Director of NCCR MUST, ETH Zürich  presentation
Prof. Martina Havenith, Director of RESOLV, Ruhr Bochum University, Germany  presentation
Maya Widmer, GEMO Widmer, Bern  presentation
Prof. Doris Wastl-Walter, Vice Rector (2011 - 2017), University of Bern  presentation
Prof. Lesley Cohen, D-Phys, Imperial College, London, UK  presentation
Prof. Tomas Brage, D-Phys, University of Lund, Sweden  presentation
Panel Discussion: Ursula Keller, Martina Havenith, Maya Widmer, Doris Wastl-Walter, Lesley Cohen, Tomas Brage Moderator: Dr. Gabriela Obexer-Ruff, Swissuniversities, Bern  more
Day 2: 14 September 2017, 9.00am - 16.00pm
Elisabeth Pöschl, then Equal Opportunities Office, ETH Zürich  presentation
Prof. Teresa Montaruli, D-Phys, University of Geneva  presentation
Betty Friedrich-Grube, Academic Association of Scientific Staff at ETH (AVETHpresentation
Sara Da Ros, D-CHAB, Society for Women in Natural Sciences (WiNSpresentation
Bibiana Prinoth, D-Phys Associations VMP and PhiMale (network for women), ETH Zürich  presentation
2-4pm: Career Workshop (LEE Building E101), Dr. Regina Notz and Dr. Alexandra Zingg (presentation and workshop material) EU Grants Access, ETH Zürich/University of Zürich (incl. Prof. Vanessa Wood, D-ITET, ETH Zürich more) or Lab Tour, ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg, Ursula Keller Lab
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