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Full stabilization of a mode-locked femtosecond thin disk laser - StaDiL

Duration: 12 months, Start: December 2011, Completed: December 2012
Academic project leader: Steve Lecomte, Institution: CSEM, Industrial project partner: Time-Bandwidth Products (TBP) AG
Result: Decision not submit CTI project due to lack of necessary results

Mode-locked femtosecond thin disk lasers demonstrate very high average output power level and pulse energy with excellent spectral and temporal pulses quality and diffraction limited beam. No other laser class is capable to offer such a set of performances directly out of the oscillator. To further push the range of applications of these lasers, StaDiL aims to fully stabilizing (i.e. pulse repetition rate and carrierenvelope offset frequency) the optical frequency comb spectrum of a mode-locked femtosecond thin disk laser. Such a product will be unique on the market and will, in a first step, find applications in the research related markets where such light sources will open up new applications in strong-field physics (high-harmonic generation, attosecond physics) in particular.

This project was completed in December 2012.

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