Forthcoming Events

08.10.2017 - 13.10.2017, Jackson Hole, WY, USA
29.11.2017 - 01.12.2017, European XFEL, Schenefeld / CFEL, Hamburg
30.11.2017 - 01.12.2017, European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany


Ambizione awards for three current and former MUST researchers- Axel Schild, Arianna Marchioro and Dmitry Momotenko
Successful Gender and Science Meeting 2017- 80 participants, lively discussions, and inspiring talks
OSA - Women of Light: A Special Program for Women in Optics, with Ursula Keller
Gender and Science Meeting 2017- organised by the NCCR MUST and RESOLV
STC2017 - Big data in chemistry - Basel- Deadline for registration August 1
Führen in Hochschulen- new book by Springer, including an interview with Ursula Keller by Andrea Eichholzer
Special issue of Chimia - on The Lausanne Centre for Ultrafast Science (LACUS)
Weizmann Women and Science Awardto Prof. Ursula Keller
An ultrafast X-ray source in a laboratory format- New Science paper by Hans Jakob Wörner, Jean-Pierre Wolf and co-workers
A Journey into Time in Powers of Ten- exhibition in Campus Info, ETH Hönggerberg, Sept. - Dec. 2016
Prof. Teresa Montaruli, D-Phys, University of Geneva

Title of presentation: GENERA in Physics and for Physics: status quo and future
Teresa Montaruli 14Sept2017

GENERA is a H2020 Project about measuring, monitoring and advancing gender equality in Physics Research & Funding Organisations.  Thirteen Organisations, including the University of Geneva as a beneficiary and CERN as an observer, in 9 countries benefit of the support of GENERA in introducing actions targeted to ultimately improve the number of women in Physics. Eleven of such Organisations are updating their Gender Equality Plan (GEP).  GENERA status, deliverables, future, and the impact of GENERA on UNIGE will be discussed.

Prof. Teresa Montaruli, Département de Physique Nucléaire et Corpusculaire, University of Geneva. Teresa Montaruli has a PhD in Physics obtained working on the atmospheric neutrino oscillation discovery in the MACRO experiment at Gran Sasso in 1998.She was appointed full professor in Physics at the Département de Physique Nucléaire et Corpusculaire of the University of Geneva in Oct. 2011. She was previously full Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, having joined the Physics Department as Assistant Professor in 2006 to work on the IceCube neutrino telescope at the South Pole.  She received the Shakti P. Duggal Award in 2001 and became the American Physical Society fellow in 2009. She is now project coordinator in the Cherenkov Telescope experiment. She coordinates the construction of small gamma-ray telescopes.

Teresa Montaruli CV
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