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Solvated electrons in neutral water cluster

August 5, 2019

Relaxation Dynamics and Genuine Properties of the Solvated Electron in Neutral Water Clusters

ABSTRACT: We have investigated the solvation dynamics and the genuine binding energy and photoemission anisotropy of the solvated electron in neutral water clusters with a combination of time-resolved photoelectron velocity map imaging and electron
scattering simulations. The dynamics was probed with a UV probe pulse following above-band-gap excitation by an EUV pump pulse. The solvation dynamics is completed within about 2 ps. Only a single band is observed in the spectra, with no indication for
isomers with distinct binding energies. Data analysis with an electron scattering model reveals a genuine binding energy in the range of 3.55−3.85 eV and a genuine anisotropy parameter in the range of 0.51−0.66 for the ground-state hydrated electron. All of these
observations coincide with those for liquid bulk, which is rather unexpected for an average cluster size of 300 molecules.

Reference: Thomas E. Gartmann, Loren Ban, Bruce L. Yoder, Sebastian Hartweg, Egor Chasovskikh, and Ruth Signorell, Relaxation Dynamics and Genuine Properties of the Solvated Electron in Neutral Water Clusters,
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