Forthcoming Events

29.11.2017 - 01.12.2017, European XFEL, Schenefeld / CFEL, Hamburg
30.11.2017 - 01.12.2017, European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany
05.12.2017 - 07.12.2017, Adriatico Guesthouse in Grignano, Trieste


The world's shortest laser pulse- pulse duration of 43 attoseconds (Hans Jakob Wörner)
Sicherer durchs Gewitter fliegen- flying safely through lightning (Jean Pierre Wolf)
Successful Gender and Science Meeting 2017- 80 participants, lively discussions, and inspiring talks, news item on D-PHYS
ERC Starting Grant for Ulrich LorenzVisualizing the Conformational Dynamics of Proteins ...
Ambizione awards for three current and former MUST researchers- Axel Schild, Arianna Marchioro and Dmitry Momotenko
OSA - Women of Light: A Special Program for Women in Optics, with Ursula Keller
Gender and Science Meeting 2017- news item on D-PHYS website
STC2017 - Big data in chemistry - Basel- Deadline for registration August 1
Führen in Hochschulen- new book by Springer, including an interview with Ursula Keller by Andrea Eichholzer

Scientific Seminars

Upcoming events

Mo, 20.11.2017 - Mo, 20.11.2017 Inaugural lecture: Computer simulations of dynamical molecules and chemical reactions
Prof. Jeremy Richardson
ETH Zürich, Zentrum HG F 30 Audimax
We, 06.12.2017 - We, 06.12.2017 Laser Seminar / NCCR MUST Seminar: Revealing the subfemtosecond dynamics of orbital angular momentum in nanoplasmonic vortices
Prof. Dr. Martin Aeschlimann Department of Physics, University of Kaiserlautern, Germany
ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg Campus, HPF G6
Th, 18.01.2018 - Th, 18.01.2018 Laser Seminar / NCCR MUST Seminar: tba
Prof. Dr. Franz X. Kärtner, Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg
ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg Campus, HPT C103
Mo, 05.03.2018 - Mo, 05.03.2018 Laser Seminar / NCCR MUST Seminar: Attosecond delays in the photoemission from the layered, centrosymmetric Bi2Te3 and non-centrosymmetric BiTeCl crystals
Sergej Neb, Molekül- und Oberflächenphysik, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg Campus, HPF G6
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