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17th Gordon Research Conference on Photoionization & Photodetachment

Date So, 23.02.2014 - Mi, 26.02.2014
Time All day
Location Hotel Galvez Galveston, TX, USA
Program The 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Photoionization and Photodetachment will present forefront research featuring light induced ejection and scattering of electrons in a variety of systems ranging from atoms, molecules, ions, radicals, to clusters and biomolecules. Such electron continuum processes are central to many emerging fields of modern atomic, molecular, chemical and optical physics where they can be an essential step in a process or they can provide information about the instantaneous electronic and vibrational state of the system. The unprecedented intensity and/or temporal resolution of modern light sources, including free electron laser facilities delivering high intensity femtosecond pulses in the extreme UV to X-ray spectral range, attosecond X-UV sources produced in high harmonic generation, high resolution synchrotron and laser facilities, have dramatically enlarged the scope of the investigations. It is now possible to address fundamental issues such as electron motion, electronic correlation and electron-nuclear coupling mechanisms inducing nuclear motion and chemical reaction dynamics. This conference focuses as well on innovative developments in target preparation and product detection including coincidence techniques, molecular alignment, vaporization sources, internal cooling and quantum state selectivity. It also highlights theoretical method development for electron scattering, photoionization and photodetachment from simple to complex systems, with extensions to related high-field topics including tunnel ionization, high harmonic generation, and rescattering. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers from various areas, experimentalists and theorists, physicists and chemists - all of whom share a deep interest in the science of the electronic continuum.
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