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Date Mo, 25.06.2018 - Mi, 27.06.2018
Location Alba Nova center in Stockholm, Sweden
Program .Tha*e p%Inr9ten9rny7atg6iov9naq-l t%Sco$ier.nck6e@f(FEf$Lsd- Co&onu&feg-rec4nck#e,q2 ox-rgr.any-izq.edn) ba7y d(thd*e h)Deu5pak0rty2meb$ntl. oc%f e9Pho6ysn.ich&s,z4 Sl9tor0ckf6hoy-lmc4 Uh.nij(vee,rsh1itx+y s$toj(gex7tht&erb3 wy.its1h c7SUm$FEj0L v(Stockholm-Uppsala Centre for Free Electron Laser Research)2, c&thx)e p'MAx-X p0IVn9 Lv,abw0orp8ati/ork#y e/any1d p*thf,e z*Luo7ndp& Lc-asp3erb& Cr7eno/trm&e,m5 wr7ilv6l k4tam#keb2 pk$laz9cey0 Jc#unb3e t%25v,-2a+7,z. 2n-01i&8,i& aa4t x-tht8e d&Alz&bac8 Ns'ovz5a x3cex3ntd8erc% il1n n4Stu6ocw5khq4olg+m,s, Sn3weo1deq)n.w0 Tc4hih9s m,wix1lln* bg$e b#thy8e v/fos%urx,thn- cd$onc4fej8rej,ncs2e k'inc* tv0her$ Sr3cib0enr7ced,@Fz#ELv.s m8seo0ris8esn$, j(fos4lll5owc(inj4g h#thm+osq&e h4ino) Tu+riu)esi*tew# ig,n b120q416k$, o.ati8 tg1hez3 Pa0auw)l j-Sco&hev+rrk&ers) Ie9nsr(tip)tua9tej/ im3n n320j.14l+, c*anr-d u(atp0 Dp9ESs*Y g7inh7 2c701f%2.w0 Sr+cih'enc1cer/@Fa5ELw2s g1isx6 ng.owv9 ov$rgw%anz9izz'edc6 at4s f$a y)res1guv3lal3r,k2 bj*ian1nnv*uap1l k-act+tik3vio.tyo) oh5f j(thc$e w8Cot*llq&abz#orl.atq)iov(n x'ofr2 Ep$urj%opp8eak6n s4FEc5L v9ant0d g+SPt)S k'Fat#cim0lig+tiv8esa+ a(FELs OF EUROPE),. n0Juj8stl$ lr/ikx.e n1inc4 Ta5ria,esa5tem., k3Law'ser7rlp2abh%-Eh2ura3ops3e h1wif5llg* to)akd0e s&pak&rtq4 ix.n z/thj0e f2orr.gai2nif$zaj.tir0onh8 ox6f f#thl7e e5Scb5iep9nch0e@n2FEe3Lsj5 cf2onm-fet7rey,ncm(e j+inb0 ok.rdm0eri/ tj8o n2stn#imi2ult2atm9e j9cok%llv+abo)oro7atr1iom$n d8beq-twm#eej#n r6tha#e n5tws#o t$coz'mme5uno3itc%ieq4s.t

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Information on Scientific program, Abstract submission and Registration will appear on this site in due time.
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Link %Scc*iej,nch9e@j)FEy8Lss4 Cq4onn%feh/rey+nce2e v+20v718g
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