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Advanced X-ray Methods & Instrumentation for LCLS-II-HE Science

Date Di, 16.10.2018 - Mi, 17.10.2018
Location Building 48 (Redwood) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory - Menlo Park, CA
Program The LCLS-II Project now underway at SLAC represents a major advance in X-ray laser capabilities that will enable compelling new science opportunities as identified by the user community [1]. When it becomes operational in 2020 this next-generation facility will exploit advanced superconducting accelerator technology (CW-SCRF) and tunable undulators to provide ultrafast coherent X-rays in a uniformly-spaced train of pulses with programmable repetition rates of up to 1 MHz and tunable photon energies from 0.25 to 5 keV.

Looking to the future, the proposed energy upgrade of LCLS-II to 8 GeV (LCLS-II-HE) promises to open entirely new areas of science as further identified by the user community [2]. LCLS-II-HE will provide X-ray energies extending beyond 12 keV to enable high repetition-rate studies of atomic, electronic, and chemical dynamics at the atomic scale. DOE Mission Need (CD-0) has been establised for the LCLS-II-HE upgrade, the conceptual design is now under review, and we hope to acheive CD-1 approval soon.

The objective of this workshop is to further engage the science community in helpting to identify the most compelling X-ray methods and instrumentation that will exploit the unique capabilities of LCLS-II-HE for the greatest scientific impact. The results of this workshop will help guide the design, performance capabilities, and priorities for new future scientific instrumentation for LCLS-II-HE.
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