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Proof of concept ERC Grant for Rachel Grange Automated super-resolution polarimetric nonlinear microscope (PolarNon)
Majed Chergui wins RSC Liversidge Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry
New scientific highlights- by MUST PIs Peter Hamm, Majed Chergui, Urs Staub, Steve Johnson, Jörg Standfuss and Gebhard Schertler
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Sixth Banff Meeting on Structural Dynamics

Date Sa, 09.02.2019 - Mi, 13.02.2019
Location Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada
Program Abstract submission is open for the Sixth Banff Meeting on Structural Dynamics. Early bird abstract submission deadline is December 10. Submit by this time to guarantee an acceptance decision before the early bird (discounted) registration deadline, December 20.

The Banff Meeting is a unique forum to bring together scientists at the leading edge of multidisciplinary time-resolved studies in biology, physics, chemistry, and materials science. Historically, this meeting has seen first announcements of highly anticipated results from major facilities alongside bold predictions of future capabilities. The meeting will feature intense discussions among experts in electron, x-ray, laser, and computational techniques who otherwise would rarely all attend a single meeting. It is an opportunity for junior researchers to join alongside experts at the tops of their respective fields, all situated in a beautiful and inspiring venue. The first five meetings held in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017 were a resounding success and the series will continue to provide an opportunity to meet and discuss current problems and chart a course for further successes.

Confirmed invited speakers:
· Anton Barty, CFEL
· Sophie Canton, ELI-ALPS and DESY
· Jeff Donatelli, LBNL
· Thomas Elsaesser, MBI
· David Flannigan, Minnesota
· Masaki Hada, Okayama
· Shin-Ichiro Ideta, IMS
· Christian Kisielowski, LBNL
· Francois Legare, INRS
· Giulia Mancini, EPFL
· Pietro Musumeci, UCLA
· Claus Ropers, Gottingen
· Roseanne Sension, Michigan
· Nico Sommerdijk, Eindhoven
· Joachim von Zanthier, Erlangen
· Lutz Waldecker, Stanford
· Josh Vura-Weis, Illinois
· Peter Weber, Brown
· Jie Yang, SLAC

On behalf of the organizing committee:
· Bryan Reed (IDES) (Lead Organizer)
· Nigel Browning (Liverpool)
· Henry Chapman (DESY)
· Lin Chen (ANL)
· Eric Collet (Rennes)
· Jom Luiten (TU Eindhoven)
· Jiro Matsuo (Kyoto)
· Dwayne Miller (MPSD)
· Petra Rudolf (RUG)
· Heinrich Schwoerer (MPSD)
· Bradley Siwick (McGill)
· Renske van der Veen (UIUC)
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Abstract Submission
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