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05.09.2021 - 09.09.2021, Potsdam, Germany

Workshop on ‘Complex Materials for Nonlinear Optics’ (CMNO 2020)

Date Mi, 29.01.2020 - Fr, 31.01.2020
Location ETH Hönggerberg, Zürich
Program The workshop wants to be a multidisciplinary event gathering international scientists that are contributing to this research field from complementary perspectives, such as those of disordered and complex photonics, nonlinear optics and material science.

The workshop is hosted by Romolo Savo and Rachel Grange from the Optical Nanomaterial Group (D-PHYS) and supported by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions within the framework of the SECOONDO Project.
Confirmed Invited Speakers

Marco Abbarchi, IM2NP (CNRS)
Crina Cojocaru, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Cornelia Denz, Universität Münster
Tal Ellenbogen, Tel-Aviv University
Ronan La Dantec, Université Savoie Mont Blanc
Henning Galinski, ETH Zurich
Philippe Goldner, CNRS (Chimie ParisTech)
Alessia Pasquazi, University of Sussex
Riccardo Sapienza, Imperial College
Sergey Skipetrov, LPMMC (CNRS)
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