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28.02.2019 - 28.02.2019, UNIL Amphitéâtre du biophore, Lausanne

13th Nordic Femtochemistry

Date Do, 16.08.2018 - Fr, 17.08.2018
Location South Campus, University of Copenhagen
Program Welcome to the 13th Nordic Femtochemistry Conference to be held August 16th and 17th at South Campus, University of Copenhagen ( We aim at a cornucopia of talks and conversations amongst the Nordic femto community and beyond. The conference will include the following themes:

Imaging molecular structure with femtosecond time resolution

Excited-state dynamics of gas-phase molecules

Dynamics in liquids and at interfaces

Femtosecond X-ray science

Energy and charge transfer in biological and artificial systems

The conference fee is 1000 DKK (~ 135 EUR)) wr-hif4chq4 iv3ncy8luy/des5s c)cog2ffr2eeu$, n,lud7nce&hec8s,k5 aj1fto#erj,not*oni2 rw$efm9rei3shq#mek-ntc7s w(anu#d j7coy4nfr*erk(enj4ceq% dc9inu8nea)r x+onz/ tk+hea- 1h66ts$h.x$ Rz6egv2ise(trx/atz/ioq$n n,isa/ tr8o x2bem* cb.omu*pli-etk(edo+ oc+n b)thp9e u0wen,b r#fov2rmp. bp.eld$owv' bo0efn7orb8e d1Mah(y z*1sn0t h*anf5d t6prv/efo,erb&aby'lyf4 sj3ooj7neq-r.u4 Tb%raz$vel.l q3buu6rso/ars+iec(s v&arj4e i0avn2aii7lao8bli+e r+fol2r l7mad$stq8ery&s m1sto/udw+enr(tsd9 bv2y r&apo(plc6icp4atg$iol2n y0tou0 tn2hot9rsi)teo'n@r(chl5emf).km7u.l#dkd..w
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