FastLab - what is it?

The FastLab is a new research and technology platform at ETH Zurich, which will be built around the application of ultrafast lasers.

FastLab will enable cutting-edge research by providing access to frontier laser sources that go beyond what typically can be managed by a single research group. At the same time it will help to proliferating ultrafast methods by lowering the technical hurdles for testing new applications in new areas of science.

The heart of FastLab will be formed by the laser hall that hosts several frontier lasers. The lasers operate at high pulse energy, high repetition rate, very short pulses or combinations thereof. The lasers will drive secondary sources that provide synchronized radiation from the THz to the x-ray region. The user-provided end-stations will be used for research in physics, chemistry, material science, biology and beyond. Additional laboratory space with more conventional lasers will be available for non-standard applications.

FastLab provides know-how in ultrafast technologies and actively promotes education in the field of ultrafast science.

Please visit the FastLab website for more information on the goals and the people involved!

The establishment of the FastLab is the main aim of the FAST Initiative. This new research and technology platform is to become a focal point for interdisciplinary research, collaborations, education, and technology transfer in ultrafast science.
  • a technology platform for ultrafast lasers and detectors
  • dedicated lab space with superior access to cutting edge research tools
  • a home for interdisciplinary education on bachelor and master level
  • a base for young researchers with SNF Professor and ERC starting grants
  • a tool to create stronger synergies between the PSI and other universities
  • space for an industrial application/development lab
The FAST Initiative is a key element of the National Competence Center in Research for Molecular ultrafast science and technology (NCCR MUST). Its leading houses ETH Zürich and the University of Bern have initiated FAST to more strongly establish ultrafast science in both institutions, and to foster new interdisciplinary activities in physics, biology, chemistry, material sciences, and mathematics.
NCCR MUST Office : ETHZ IQE/ULP-HPT H3 | Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1 | 8093 Zurich | E-Mail | +41 44 633 36 02
The National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCR) are a research instrument of the Swiss National Science Foundation