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02.09.2019 - 06.09.2019, Centro Congressi Abruzzo Berti Hotels", Silvi Marina, Pescara, Italy
02.09.2019 - 06.09.2019, Rostock, Germany

ETH Zürich, Campus Info, Hönggerberg, 19 Sept. - 19 Dec. 2016

Our ETH Zürich exhibition uses ten pages from the NCCR MUST book, “A Journey into Time in Powers of Ten.” These pages are chosen to demonstrate central tenets of research work in the NCCR MUST network: we investigate the fastest processes in time.
The exhibition has pages on the movement of electrons (10-16), ultrafast pulses of light (10-15), and the vibration of a water molecule (10-14). Examples from the longest timescales are Studying for a Doctorate in 4 Years (108) and The Evolution of Humans (1014). Surrounding the exhibition are photographs of the eighteen laboratories and research groups in our network, showing that our network is made
© Heidi Hostettler, D-Phys

up from eight universities in Switzerland and includes groups from the Paul Scherrer Institute. The Power of Ten book resulted from the education outreach work of NCCR MUST. The aim is to communicate our complex research - to the public, schools, young people. More than 50 people contributed to the book (undergraduate, PhDs, postdocs, senior scientists, professors) and from a range of disciplines, including groups from outside MUST.

Book Reviews 2016
ETH News Story: Ultrafast Processes in the Blink of an Eye, Florian Meyer     
MUST Power of Ten Book: the Story
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Exhibition Opening 19 September 2016

Gallery Photos © Heidi Hostettler photos 2,3,5,and 7 and all others © Nadia Sigrist
Many Thanks to: Gina Moser and Heidi Hostettler, Visual Communications, D-Phys; Hans-Jürg Gübeli and Isabelle Altoffer, D-Phys; Peter Ottiger, Multimedia Services; and Thomas Goldinger and The Campus Info team, ETH Zürich; Daniela Hansen and Nadia Sigrist, NCCR MUST Office. For the design of the book Sabina di Fatta, Agence Symbol, Fribourg. Prof. Jürg Osterwalder and Prof Peter Hamm, University of Zürich for their important contributions to the book.
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