Transfer Projects

In autumn 2011 the Swiss Parliament has decided to launch an initiative on the mitigation of the effects of the strong Swiss franc. The NCCR MUST had two projects funded by this SNF initiative, which ended in June 2014.

Two Pulse

PI Thomas Feurer (Uni BE) + Lukas Krainer (Onefive)
Total funding by the SNSF: 230 kCHF
Project duration: 1.6.2012 - 30.5.2014

Based on a joint expertise and a well established collaboration between the Feurer group and the Onefive development team a new product category will be developed. This will open new market segments with further sales, which implies also additional job positions.

High Power THz generation

Junior PI Christoph Hauri (PSI+EPFL) + Carolina Medrano (Rainbow Photonics)
Total funding by the SNSF: 260 kCHF
Project duration: 1.6.2012 - 30.5.2014

In this proposal new and more efficient organic crystal will overcome current limitations in creating high power THz sources. All ultrafast laboratories worldwide are using this new technology and will strongly benefit of the new technology. It is envisioned that these new organic crystals will also open up commercial market segments, which will have a positive impact on the job positions at Rainbow Photonics.
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