Ruth Signorell

April 2018

Prof. Ruth Signorell was awarded a 2017 ERC Advanced Grant for the project eDrop: Droplet Photoelectron Imaging.

Ruth Signorell’s research deals with aerosols and nanoparticles. In her ERC project, she uses photoelectron spectroscopy to study elementary transport processes of slow electrons in liquids and at the interface between liquids and gases, solids and other liquids. To this end, free electrons are generated in free-floating small droplets (aerosols) by the irradiation of high-energy light. A sensitive measurement set-up then measures the speed and direction of the electrons escaping from the droplets. This project addresses an important question in fundamental research: In which way and how fast do slow electrons lose their energy through collisions with liquid molecules? Findings in this field have many ramifications including the understanding of radiation damage in living organisms.

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