Ursula Keller wins “Swiss Nobel” Marcel Benoist Prize- for pioneering work in ultrafast lasers
MUST2022 Conference- a great success!
New scientific highlights- by MUST PIs Wörner, Chergui, and Richardson
FELs of Europe prize for Jeremy Rouxel- “Development or innovative use of advanced instrumentation in the field of FELs”
Ruth Signorell wins Doron prizefor pioneering contributions to the field of fundamental aerosol science
New FAST-Fellow Uwe Thumm at ETH- lectures on Topics in Femto- and Attosecond Science
International Day of Women and Girls in Science- SSPh asked female scientists about their experiences
New scientific highlight- by MUST PIs Milne, Standfuss and Schertler
EU XFEL Young Scientist Award for Camila Bacellar,beamline scientist and group leader of the Alvra endstation at SwissFEL
Prizes for Giulia Mancini and Rebeca Gomez CastilloICO/IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics & Ernst Haber 2021
Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to RESOLV Member Benjamin List- for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis
NCCR MUST at Scientifica 2021- Lightning, organic solar cells, and virtual molecules

Research publications 2011

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Angelova, P., Kuchukova, N., Dobrikov, G.M., Timtcheva, I., Kostova, K., Petkova, I., and Vauthey, E. (2011) Fluorescent monolayer protected gold nanoparticles - Preparation and structure elucidation. J Mol Struct 993, 185-192 (10.1016/j.molstruc.2010.12.019Angelova-2011 (1.13 MB). 

Banerji, N., Bhosale, S.V., Petkova, I., Langford, S.J., and Vauthey, E. (2011) Ultrafast excited-state dynamics of strongly coupled porphyrin/core-substituted-naphthalenediimide dyads. Phys Chem Phys Chem 13, 1019-1029 (10.1039/c0cp01544jBanerji-2011 (2.11 MB). 

Bauer, C., Teuscher, J., Brauer, J.C., Punzi, A., Marchioro, A., Ghadiri, E., De Jonghe, J., Wielopolski, M., Banerji, N., and Moser, J.E. (2011) Dynamics and Mechanisms of Interfacial Photoinduced Electron Transfer Processes of Third Generation Photovoltaics and Photocatalysis. Chimia 65, 704-709 (10.2533/chimia.2011.704) Bauer-2011 (421 KB).

Beaud, P., Johnson, S.L., Vorobeva, E., Milne, C.J., Caviezel, A., Mariager, S.O., De Souza, R.A., Staub, U., and Ingold, G. (2011) Ultrafast Structural Dynamics in Condensed Matter. Chimia 65, 308-312 (10.2533/chimia.2011.308) Beaud-2011 (397 KB).

Béjot, P., Hertz, E., Kasparian, J., Lavorel, B., Wolf, J.P., and Faucher, O. (2011) Transition from Plasma-Driven to Kerr-Driven Laser Filamentation. Phys Rev Lett 106, 243902 (10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.243902Bejot-2011(748 KB). 

Béjot, P., Hertz, E., Lavorel, B., Kasparian, J., Wolf, J.P., and Faucher, O. (2011) From higher-order Kerr nonlinearities to quantitative modeling of third and fifth harmonic generation in argon. Opt Lett  36, 828-830 (10.1364/ol.36.000828Bejot-2011a(170 KB). 

Carbone, F. (2011) Modern electron microscopy resolved in space, energy and time. Eur Phys J Appl Phys 54, 33503 (10.1051/epjap/2010100354Carbone-2011(2.57 MB). 

Carbone, F., Aubock, G., Cannizzo, A., Van Mourik, F., Nair, R.R., Geim, A.K., Novoselov, K.S., and Chergui, M. (2011) Femtosecond carrier dynamics in bulk graphite and graphene paper. Chem Phys Lett 504, 37-40 (10.1016/j.cplett.2011.01.052Carbone-2011a (510 KB). 

Castiglioni, L., Greif, M., Leuenberger, D., Roth, S., Osterwalder, J., and Hengsberger, M. (2011) Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy to Probe Ultrafast Charge Transfer and Electron Dynamics in Solid Surface Systems and at Metal-Molecule Interfaces. Chimia 65, 342-345 (10.2533/chimia.2011.342) Castiglioni-2011 (399 KB).

Cazade, P.A., Lutz, S., Lee, M.W., and Meuwly, M. (2011) Computational Spectroscopy and Reaction Dynamics. Chimia 65, 326-329 (10.2533/chimia.2011.326) Cazade-2011 (382 KB).

Consani, C., Bräm, O., Ajdarzadeh Oskouei, A., van der Veen, R.M., El Nahhas, A., Cannizzo, A., Auböck, G., van Mourik, F., and Chergui, M. (2011) Ultrafast (Bio)physical and (Bio)chemical Dynamics. Chimia 65, 683-690 (10.2533/chimia.2011.683) Consani-2011 (1.59 MB).

Curchod, B.F.E., Penfold, T.J., Rothlisberger, U., and Tavernelli, I. (2011) Local control theory in trajectory-based nonadiabatic dynamics. Phys Rev A 84, 042507 (10.1103/PhysRevA.84.042507Curchod-2011(837 KB). 

Curchod, B.F.E., Tavernelli, I., and Rothlisberger, U. (2011) Trajectory-based solution of the nonadiabatic quantum dynamics equations: an on-the-fly approach for molecular dynamics simulations. Phys Chem Chem Phys 13, 3231-3236 (10.1039/c0cp02175jCurchod-2011a(1.51 MB). 

Extermann, J., Weber, S.M., Kiselev, D., Bonacina, L., Lani, S., Jutzi, F., Noell, W., de Rooij, N.F., and Wolf, J.P. (2011) Spectral phase, amplitude, and spatial modulation from ultraviolet to infrared with a reflective MEMS pulse shaper. Opt Express 19, 7580-7586 (10.1364/OE.19.007580Extermann-2011(3.25 MB). 

Fedoseeva, M., Grilj, J., Kel, O., Koch, M., Letrun, R., Markovic, V., Petkova, I., Richert, S., Rosspeintner, A., Sherin, P.S., Villamaina, D., Lang, B., and Vauthey, E. (2011) Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions: From the Elucidation of Old Problems in Bulk Solutions Towards the Exploration of Interfaces. Chimia 65, 350-352 (10.2533/chimia.2011.350) Fedoseeva-2011 (141 KB).

Fin, A., Petkova, I., Doval, D.A., Sakai, N., Vauthey, E., and Matile, S. (2011) Naphthalene-and perylenediimides with hydroquinones, catechols, boronic esters and imines in the core. Org Biomol Chem 9, 8246-8252 (10.1039/c1ob05702bFin-2011(1.49 MB). 

Froideval, A., Badillo, A., Bertsch, J., Churakov, S., Dahn, R., Degueldre, C., Lind, T., Paladino, D., and Patterson, B.D. (2011) Towards possible opportunities in nuclear materials science and technology at an X-ray free electron laser research facility. Journal of Nuclear Materials 416, 242-251 (10.1016/j.jnucmat.2011.01.124) Froideval-2011 (1.47 MB).

Garrett-Roe, S., Perakis, F., Rao, F., and Hamm, P. (2011) Three-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy of Isotope-Substituted Liquid Water Reveals Heterogeneous Dynamics. J Phys Chem B 115, 6976-6984 (10.1021/jp201989sGarrett-2011(2.17 MB). 

Gellrich, U., Huang, J., Seiche, W., Keller, M., Meuwly, M., and Breit, B. (2011) Ligand Self-Assembling through Complementary Hydrogen-Bonding in the Coordination Sphere of a Transition Metal Center: The 6-Diphenylphosphanylpyridin-2(1H)-one System. J Am Chem Soc 133, 964-975 (10.1021/ja108639e) Gellrich-2011 (2.76 MB).

Grilj, J., Laricheva, E.N., Olivucci, M., and Vauthey, E. (2011) Fluorescence of Radical Ions in Liquid Solution: Wurster's Blue as a Case Study. Angew Chem Int Ed 50, 4496-4498 (10.1002/anie.201100015) Grilj-2011 (401 KB).

Helbing, J., and Hamm, P. (2011) Compact implementation of Fourier transform two-dimensional IR spectroscopy without phase ambiguity. Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 28, 171-178 (10.1364/josab.28.000171) Helbing-2011 (793 KB).

Henin, S., Petit, Y., Rohwetter, P., Stelmaszczyk, K., Hao, Z.Q., Nakaema, W.M., Vogel, A., Pohl, T., Schneider, F., Kasparian, J., Weber, K., Woste, L., and Wolf, J.P. (2011) Field measurements suggest the mechanism of laser-assisted water condensation. Nat Commun 2, 456 (10.1038/ncomms1462Henin-2011(1.38 MB). 

Keller, U. (2011) Attoscience at ETH Zurich: Shining New Light on Old Questions in Quantum Mechanics. Chimia 65, 294-298 (10.2533/chimia.2011.294) Keller-2011 (424 KB).

Kiselev, D., Bonacina, L., and Wolf, J.P. (2011) Individual bioaerosol particle discrimination by multi-photon excited fluorescence. Opt Express 19, 24516-24521 (10.1364/OE.19.024516) Kiselev-2011 (1.52 MB).

Knopp, G., Radi, P.P., and Gerber, T. (2011) Dispersed fs-FWM for Investigations of Low Frequency Vibrations of Transient Species in Combustion. Chimia 65, 339-341 (10.2533/chimia.2011.339) Knopp-2011 (198 KB).

Knopp, G., Radi, P.P., Sych, Y., and Gerber, T. (2011) Dissection of dispersed off-resonant femtosecond degenerate four-wave mixing of O-2. J Raman Spectrosc 42, 1848-1853 (10.1002/jrs.2921) Knopp-2011a (309 KB).

Le Dantec, R., Mugnier, Y., Djanta, G., Bonacina, L., Extermann, J., Badie, L., Joulaud, C., Gerrmann, M., Rytz, D., Wolf, J.P., and Galez, C. (2011) Ensemble and Individual Characterization of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of ZnO and BaTiO3 Nanocrystals. J Phys Chem C 115, 15140-15146 (10.1021/jp200579xLedantec(3.19 MB). 

Lee, M.W., and Meuwly, M. (2011) On the Role of Nonbonded Interactions in Vibrational Energy Relaxation of Cyanide in Water. J Phys Chem A 115, 5053-5061 (10.1021/jp202503mLee-2011 (3.44 MB). 

Lima, F.A., Milne, C.J., Amarasinghe, D.C.V., Rittmann-Frank, M.H., van der Veen, R.M., Reinhard, M., Pham, V.T., Karlsson, S., Johnson, S.L., Grolimund, D., Borca, C., Huthwelker, T., Janousch, M., van Mourik, F., Abela, R., and Chergui, M. (2011) A high-repetition rate scheme for synchrotron-based picosecond laser pump/x-ray probe experiments on chemical and biological systems in solution. Rev Sci Instrum 82, 063111 (10.1063/1.3600616Lima-2011(1006 KB). 

Loriot, V., Bejot, P., Ettoumi, W., Petit, Y., Kasparian, J., Henin, S., Hertz, E., Lavorel, B., Faucher, O., and Wolf, J.P. (2011) On negative higher-order Kerr effect and filamentation. Laser Phys 21, 1319-1328 (10.1134/s1054660x11130196Loriot-2011 (404 KB). 

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Martin-Gassin, G., Villamaina, D., and Vauthey, E. (2011) Nonradiative Deactivation of Excited Hemicyanines Studied with Submolecular Spatial Resolution by Time-Resolved Surface Second Harmonic Generation at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces. J Am Chem Soc 133, 2358-2361 (10.1021/ja109813j) Martin-2011 (1.01 MB).

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