Ursula Keller wins “Swiss Nobel” Marcel Benoist Prize- for pioneering work in ultrafast lasers
MUST2022 Conference- a great success!
New scientific highlights- by MUST PIs Wörner, Chergui, and Richardson
FELs of Europe prize for Jeremy Rouxel- “Development or innovative use of advanced instrumentation in the field of FELs”
Ruth Signorell wins Doron prizefor pioneering contributions to the field of fundamental aerosol science
New FAST-Fellow Uwe Thumm at ETH- lectures on Topics in Femto- and Attosecond Science
International Day of Women and Girls in Science- SSPh asked female scientists about their experiences
New scientific highlight- by MUST PIs Milne, Standfuss and Schertler
EU XFEL Young Scientist Award for Camila Bacellar,beamline scientist and group leader of the Alvra endstation at SwissFEL
Prizes for Giulia Mancini and Rebeca Gomez CastilloICO/IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics & Ernst Haber 2021
Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to RESOLV Member Benjamin List- for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis
NCCR MUST at Scientifica 2021- Lightning, organic solar cells, and virtual molecules

Research publications 2021 L - Z

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LaForge, A.C., Michiels, R., Ovcharenko, Y., Ngai, A., Escartin, J.M., Berrah, N., Callegari, C., Clark, A., Coreno, M., Cucini, R., Di Fraia, M., Drabbels, M., Fasshauer, E., Finetti, P., Giannessi, L., Grazioli, C., Iablonskyi, D., Langbehn, B., Nishiyama, T., Oliver, V., Piseri, P., Plekan, O., Prince, K.C., Rupp, D., Stranges, S., Ueda, K., Sisourat, N., Eloranta, J., Pi, M., Barranco, M., Stienkemeier, F., Moller, T., and Mudrich, M. (2021). Ultrafast Resonant Interatomic Coulombic Decay Induced by Quantum Fluid Dynamics. Phys Rev X 11. (10.1103/PhysRevX.11.021011)

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Luu, T.T., and Wörner, H.J. (2021). Generation of circularly polarized extreme-ultraviolet harmonics from solids. Eur Phys J Spec Top. (10.1140/epjs/s11734-021-00278-8)

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Mannouch, J.R., and Richardson, J.O. (2021). A partially linearized spin-mapping approach for simulating nonlinear optical spectra. J Chem Phys 156, 024108 (10.1063/5.0077744)

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Mariette, C., Lorenc, M., Cailleau, H., Collet, E., Guérin, L., Volte, A., Trzop, E., Bertoni, R., Dong, X., Lépine, B., Hernandez, O., Janod, E., Cario, L., Ta Phuoc, V., Ohkoshi, S., Tokoro, H., Patthey, L., Babic, A., Usov, I., Ozerov, D., Sala, L., Ebner, S., Böhler, P., Keller, A., Oggenfuss, A., Zmofing, T., Redford, S., Vetter, S., Follath, R., Juranic, P., Schreiber, A., Beaud, P., Esposito, V., Deng, Y., Ingold, G., Chergui, M., Mancini, G.F., Mankowsky, R., Svetina, C., Zerdane, S., Mozzanica, A., Bosak, A., Wulff, M., Levantino, M., Lemke, H., and Cammarata, M. (2021). Strain wave pathway to semiconductor-to-metal transition revealed by time-resolved X-ray powder diffraction. Nature Commun 12, 1239. (10.1038/s41467-021-21316-y) Marco Cammarata; Céline Mariette (

Markmann, S., Franckie, M., Pal, S., Stark, D., Beck, M., Fiebig, M., Scalari, G., and Faist, J. (2021). Two-dimensional spectroscopy on a THz quantum cascade structure. Nanophotonics 10, 171-180 (10.1515/nanoph-2020-0369)  (

Maurer, J., and Keller, U. (2021). Ionization in intense laser fields beyond the electric dipole approximation: concepts, methods, achievements and future directions. J Phys B: At Mol Opt Phys 54. (10.1088/1361-6455/abf731)

Meuwly, M. (2021). Machine Learning for Chemical Reactions. Chem Rev 121, 10218-10239 (10.1021/acs.chemrev.1c00033)

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Misawa, R., Ueda, H., Kimura, K., Tanaka, Y., and Kimura, T. (2021a). Chirality and magnetic quadrupole order in Pb(TiO)Cu4(PO4)4 probed by interference scattering in resonant x-ray diffraction. Phys Rev B 103, 174409. (10.1103/PhysRevB.103.174409) (Staub, U.)

Mishra, A., Ahlawat, P., Fish, G.C., Jahanbakhshi, F., Mladenovic, M., Almalki, M., Ruiz-Preciado, M.A., Gelvez-Rueda, M.C., Kubicki, D.J., Schouwink, P.A., Dufoulon, V., Schneeberger, T., Aslanzadeh, A., Grozema, F.C., Zakeeruddin, S.M., Moser, J.E., Röthlisberger, U., Emsley, L., Milic, J.V., and Grätzel, M. (2021). Naphthalenediimide/Formamidinium-Based Low-Dimensional Perovskites. Chem Mat 33, 6412-6420 (10.1021/acs.chemmater.1c01635)

Mkhitaryan, V., Dias, E.J.C., Carbone, F., and García de Abajo, F.J. (2021). Ultrafast Momentum-Resolved Free-Electron Probing of Optically Pumped Plasmon Thermal Dynamics. ACS Photonics 8, 614-624 (10.1021/acsphotonics.0c01758)

Mondal, P., Cazade, P.A., Das, A.K., Bereau, T., and Meuwly, M. (2021). Multipolar Force Fields for Amide-I Spectroscopy from Conformational Dynamics of the Alanine Trimer. J Phys Chem B 125, 10928-10938 (10.1021/acs.jpcb.1c05423)

Nass, K., Bacellar, C., Cirelli, C., Dworkowski, F., Gevorkov, Y., James, D., Johnson, P.J.M., Kekilli, D., Knopp, G., Martiel, I., Ozerov, D., Tolstikova, A., Vera, L., Weinert, T., Yefanov, O., Standfuss, J., Reiche, S., and Milne, C.J. (2021). Pink-beam serial femtosecond crystallography for accurate structure-factor determination at an X-ray free-electron laser. IUCrJ 8, 905-920. (10.1107/S2052252521008046)

Neugebauer, M.J., Juraschek, D.M., Savoini, M., Engeler, P., Boie, L., Abreu, E., Spaldin, N.A., and Johnson, S.L. (2021). Comparison of coherent phonon generation by electronic and ionic Raman scattering in LaAlO3. Phys Rev Res 3, 013126. (10.1103/PhysRevResearch.3.013126) Martin Neugebauer, Steve Johnson (

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Pal, S., Strkalj, N., Yang, C.J., Weber, M.C., Trassin, M., Wörner, M., and Fiebig, M. (2021). Origin of Terahertz Soft-Mode Nonlinearities in Ferroelectric Perovskites. Phys Rev X 11 (10.1103/PhysRevX.11.021023)

Pashaki, M.N.H., Choi, T.K., Rohwer, E.J., Feurer, T., Duhme-Klair, A.K., Gawelda, W., and Cannizzo, A. (2021a). Unveiling the origin of photo-induced enhancement of oxidation catalysis at Mo(vi) centres of Ru(ii)-Mo(vi) dyads. Chem Commun 57, 4142-4145 (10.1039/D1CC00750E)

Pashaki, M.N.H., Mosimann-Schonbachler, N., Riede, A., Gazzetto, M., Rondi, A., and Cannizzo, A. (2021b). Two-dimensional ultrafast transient absorption spectrograph covering deep-ultraviolet to visible spectral region optimized for biomolecules. J Phys Photon 3. (10.1088/2515-7647/ac0805)

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Rivero, U., Turan, H.T., Meuwly, M., and Willitsch, S. (2021). Reactive atomistic simulations of Diels-Alder-type reactions: conformational and dynamic effects in the polar cycloaddition of 2,3-dibromobutadiene radical ions with maleic anhydride. Mol Phys 119, e1825852 (10.1080/00268976.2020.1825852)

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Socie, E., Vale, B.R.C., Terpstra, A.T., Schiavon, M.A., and Moser, J.-E. (2021). Resonant Band-Edge Emissive States in Strongly Confined CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanoplatelets. J Phys Chem C 125, 14317-14325 (10.1021/acs.jpcc.1c01353)

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