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07.06.2022 - 10.06.2022, Grindelwald, Switzerland
27.06.2022 - 29.06.2022, University College London, UK
11.07.2022 - 15.07.2022, Celeste Hotel, on UCF main campus, Orlando, Florida


Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to RESOLV Member Benjamin List- for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis
NCCR MUST at Scientifica 2021- Lightning, organic solar cells, and virtual molecules
#NCCRWomen- NCCR MUST celebrates 50 years women’s right to vote in Switzerland
Kick-Off dynaMENT Mentoring for Women in Natural Sciences- with Ursula Keller as plenary speaker
Four new scientific highlights- by MUST PIs Chergui / Milne / Beaud / Staub, by Wolf / Röthlisberger, by Wörner, and Keller
Photon Science Roadmap- for Research Infrastructures 2025-2028 by the Swiss Photon Community
Proof of concept ERC Grant for Ursula Keller Dual-comb laser driven terahertz spectrometer for industrial sensing (DC-THz)
Majed Chergui - elected to the European Academy of Sciences
Ruth Signorell - elected to the European Academy of Sciences
Farewell and Welcome!Chris Milne leaves for the European XFEL, Camila Bacellar takes over

Research publications 2019 A - L

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Akbarimoosavi, M., Rohwer, E., Rondi, A., Hankache, J., Geng, Y., Decurtins, S., Hauser, A., Liu, S.X., Feurer, T., and Cannizzo, A. (2019). Tunable Lifetimes of Intramolecular Charge-Separated States in Molecular Donor-Acceptor Dyads. J Phys Chem C 123, 8500-8511 (10.1021/acs.jpcc.8b11066)

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